After death; is Judgement! 

Many countries now have legalized Homosexuality, countries are fighting against themselves for superiority, fame and money,  There has been numerous advancement in technology thereby giving us the mindset that there’s no God;  we now lean more on our own understanding than seeking the face of the God who created us and gave us wisdom. 

We are in that kind of era where people reject the truth and embrace evil.

We have little love for ourselves therefore, we don’t care if we would perish some day or that our neighbour also needs saving. 

Children of this era, rises up against their parents; and any other person who would try to correct them cos the slogan for this era is; Y O L O.. They would only live once on this earth so they have to live it to their satisfaction. 

No one is stopping you from doing that but the most important question should be :

Is your Y O L O Life pleasing to God? 

Friends, the end is here. Whatever life you have now is a bonus.. A chance to finalize everything around you and patiently wait on your Lord. 

Nobody is asking you to be a Pastor, a prophet or prophetess.. Cause Jesus even said that if we whom He has created in His own image wouldn’t worship Him, He will raise up stones to worship Him. 

But the little you know which can help a brother or a sister to join the Jesus trend and turn from their evil ways, is enough!. 

Thank you for reading and sharing.



May Our Lord Jesus Christ strengthen you and keep you safe till we meet again af



19th March 2017

 CREDIT–  Pastor Joshua Agbodeka
*CommitmentBeing bound emotionally or intellectually to a course of action or to another person or persons.

When you’re committed to something or someone, you focus on completing your purpose to that thing or that person.

As humans, we commit ourselves to a lot of things in the world like; going to school, getting or creating a job afterwards, getting a partner whom we vow to be with for the rest of our lives and so on.All these are good and essential in our lives as humans but my question goes:

When have we made the things of God our commitment ?”

As Christians or people saved by God, we should commit to putting The things of God first in our lives before everything else like going to church early, helping a brother or a sister in need; not with the mindset of being appreciated or recognized by society but with love for one another.

We should also commit to winning souls for Christ. With the advancement of technology day in day out; I wouldn’t be surprised if scientists should formulate a theory that depicts there’s no God and all we’ve heard of Him are just tales.So as Christians, we must make it our mission to spread the word of God through all means possible before a day like that comes.

The Holy Bible even assures us that; our Labour in the Lord shall never be in vain. The reason why Jesus Christ came to die for our sins and to save us from eternal condemnation is to SERVE Him.

Aside the little I’ve said about committing to the things of God, You might be still wondering how you can be committed so let’s elaborate.

Memory verse – Colossians 3:17

“And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus giving thanks to God and the Father by Him”.

  • First of all, we must accept and admit that we are servants of God. As we all know, no servant is greater than his master so we must learn to humble ourselves and do everything as unto Christ. 

You being a servant of God is like a leverage with God for saving you and taking you from that state of your life where you thought you couldn’t move on anymore;when you thought death was the only answer and when you thought you were alone in that situation. 

*Leverage -influence which is compounded or used to gain an advantage. 

If God has done all this for you, why should it be so hard to serve Him…Even among us humans, we turn to serve people who has showed us kindness or offered help to us in our darkest moments but we’re forgetting it was God who sent those people our way.

When our Lord Jesus Christ committed Himself in serving man,He came down to earth. He was slapped and spatted upon by the same people He came to die for but that didn’t stop His mission; He was committed to His mission till the end because He loved us and there was no greater way to show it but to come down Himself and take our sins upon Himself on the cross and die so we can live eternally. 

  • Secondly, You have to serve God with the understanding that you’re just a vessel He’s using to serve His people.

Just take your mind back to where you were; that state you were in and how God had transformed your life since you became a Christian…things had not been moving faster like you thought but it’s all good; the best thing is that,you’ve got God on your side.

He takes time to prepare you for the dangers ahead so that when that situation is resolved; you can share it as a testimony to others that God is Able to do exceedingly and abundantly above all we could ask of Him.

It should even be a privilege to be called upon to serve God whether in your church or anywhere else because it is written in the Holy Bible that if we do not serve Him(God); He will raise stones to serve Him.

And it must also be a privilege because many are called but few are chosen to be servants of God.

We never said the journey to serving God was going to be easy. It never is and would never be because that is the part where you tell God ” for everything you did for me,for everything you’ve done for me and for everything you’re about to do for me; this is my appreciation, my thank you since I can’t pay with money; I will serve You Lord”.

So serving God is our form of payment for every little and big thing He has done in our lives so let’s be committed in doing the things of God.

Encouragement to keep trusting God

I remember I fainted one day at home and I was rushed to the nearest church close to the house and while I lay there unconscious, I saw that I was in a very dark place and I heard a voice saying; “Go back,it’s not your time yet” continuously. 

Then I regained consciousness and opened my eyes.that was God being at my disposal even though i was still in the world.

I had an easy life whereby I didn’t suffer much to get the things I needed.I just pray to God a little about a problem I am facing and then after sometime, that problem would be resolved.

I was in the world alright; I went to the night club once in a while with my friends; I had numerous boyfriends and all that but I still went to church so it wasn’t like I didn’t know who God was but I just wasn’t ready to leave everything behind  (what I used to term ;the good lifestyle ) and follow Christ. 

I only prayed when I needed God to do something in my life and that was a very bad habit.

The other gods which the Holy Bible speaks about that we shouldn’t worship any other gods apart from Jehovah God may not be the gods at the shrines we visit alone but anything we put before our God is our god.

Example; if I know I am supposed to read at least a chapter of the Holy Bible a day but I choose not to but instead: I am on social media posting pictures and leaving nasty comments on other people’s pictures , then my Phone has become my god because I placed it before my God.

Many at times, we realize that things used to go well for us when we’re in the world but after we become born again; things become harder and harder for us because the ways of the devil are always easy. 

But God allow obstacles and challenges to befall us so that through that difficulty, we would be strengthened and know that God is still with us but it’s not by our strength; but the mighty arms of God that had delivered us.

Anytime you’re in trouble and you call unto the Lord, it’s like you telling Him: “Father Lord, I can’t go through this by my own.Please take control and let your will be done in my Life”. 

I know that feeling and I understand that feeling you feel sometimes: that God is faraway.

You remember how things used to be easier when you were in the world but now you can’t even afford a three square meal a day.I understand you

I also understand how business used to move on even when you had over priced the goods and now that you’ve  met Christ and has reduced it to the lowest price, people are not purchasing and you keep asking where you went wrong.

But if you’re already loosing Faith and Hope in God,lemme ask you this question :

All those times you cheated people when you were in the world if God had asked you to pay him before He grants you salvation; would you have had the money to pay Him?”

Or if He was demanding for the souls that had perished at your account; would you have delivered them to Him?

He accepted you freely and you came freely.God never forced anyone to worship Him.we rather need Him for things to go well in our lives.And God also never promised that we were going to have an easy journey.all the obstacles and challenges in following Christ is written in the Holy Bible. He never lied to anyone. All He said was if we would be able to endure all this and put Him incharge of our lives; Then, 

He will give us rain in due season and the Land shall yield her increase and the trees of the field shall yield their fruit. You shall chase your enemies and they shall fall before you by the sword.  I will give Peace in the Land. For I will have respect unto you and make you fruitful, and multiply you and establish my covenant with you. And I will walk among you, and will be your God ,and ye shall be my PEOPLE. 

I extracted the words from the Holy book of the Lord; Leviticus 26:1-12. You can read for more insights. 

Just imagine a human being you live with and sees everyday who respects you…that feeling of being important to someone and imagine the Almighty God, The Alpha and Omega, Elohim, Jehovah Nissi, Elshaddai, The I am that I am having respect unto you and telling you that, You are important to Him just imagine that feeling of power and authority in God over your enemies. 

I am here to encourage you this day that don’t loose hope yet. Don’t loose Faith yet. Our God is still working on your story.He’s still working on your case and your time would come for you to shine ;just Keep praying to Him and trusting Him to deliver. Amen.

There’s still Hope in God

Growing up, I didn’t have a lot of things at my disposal  but that didn’t change who I’d wanted to be in future cos I knew God was by my side.

I passed through hardships when I stayed with one of my aunty’s as a kid.I remember quite well how she used to beat me sometimes and give me a lot of chores as my punishment when I disobeyed some of her rules.

I used to walk miles away from home to school every morning and back.whenever my mum is coming around, she begins to treat me nicely and buy me gifts as if she was the best aunty in the whole world therefore anytime I report her behaviors to my mum, she doesn’t believe me because she sees a whole new side of her when she visits.

There were days when I wanted to runaway from home which I tried once but I got lost and someone who was a good Samaritan helped me find my way back home and my aunty wasn’t happy about it so she called my mum and told her I’ve been following some wayward kids around and they even convinced me to runaway from home until a good Samaritan met me and brought me home.

My mum got angry and came to our place that day very furious that she couldn’t control herself so she took a heater and lash me with it.Yeah seriously : but I don’t blame her and I’ve learnt to forgive her over the years but anytime I remember the look in her eyes when she thought I was the bad person makes me sad but she apologized when she learnt the truth so we all good.

All this while, I thought God had forgotten about me. I went to church alright, I prayed a little but never did i know my God was working in miraculous ways to help shape my life for the better.

God being so wonderful, my mum walked onto my aunty beating me mercilessly one day and that was when she believed everything I had been telling her previously. She packed my stuffs and took me out of there immediately. 

Believe me when I say,there’s still Hope in God because He’s always working in ways we cannot see to shape our life for it to be a testimony unto others who are also going through similar situations or worse.

All am trying to say is that,everything I went through has only made me stronger and it’s a memory I would keep for the rest of my life and even tell my kids about how God took a NOBODY like me and made me SOMEBODY. So if He did it for me, He would also do it for you but the question is ;are you willing to wait for God’s appointed time?

Just think about it.

Thanks for making time to read.

Jesus Christ is coming soon.

All the signs and wonders shows that the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ is nearer so please let’s repent from our unGodly ways.

Please it is not too late to go on your knees and plead for forgiveness and ask Jesus Christ to wash your sins with His blood.

The Holy blood He shed on the cross at Calvary for our sins.

He was beaten….spat upon…made to carry a heavy cross…He was insulted and made fun of…

He went through all this so that we would be saved…so that our sins would be washed away by His Holy blood.

Everything else we wish to achieve in this world matters but we need to first secure our souls with Christ JESUS. He is the Alpha and Omega..the Beginning and the End.He doesn’t share His throne with anybody cos He is LORD.

He never fails..He hasn’t and He will never fail you if you trust in Him.

His time is the best.

Worry Less.

Worry less about your problems and let God take control of your situation…after all, He created you; you didn’t create yourself!!

The Lord said in Exodus 23:20 that; “Behold, I will send an Angel before you, to keep you in the way,and to bring you into the place which I have prepared”.Amen

If you really believe in God and you really believe an Angel has been sent on your behalf then why worry?

Brethren, your prayers has been answered. All you need now is to have faith in God and believe everything would fall in place in God’s own time.

Beloved God loves us so much…even in our sins and because of this; He sent His only begotten son JESUS CHRIST to come into this world and die for our sins. (John 3:16)

Jesus Christ also made a statement in John 10:27-29 and it says; “My sheep hear my voice,and I know them,and they follow me: and I give unto them eternal life;and they shall never perish,neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand. My Father, which gave them Me, is greater than all;and no man is able to pluck them out of my Father’s hand”.Amen

*Shepherd here refers to we believers who has believed that Jesus Christ is the son of God.

*his Father is God

*Jesus Christ is the son

May God help us understand His word and be able to obey his commandments.Amen.

Favorite quote

Don’t expect people to be fair with you just because you’re fair with them.

Its like expecting a lion not to eat you just because you don’t eat lion.

Life isn’t fair;therefore don’t expect a friend to lean a hand to you just because you leaned him/her a hand when they were in need.

I was born and brought up differently from you and vise versa therefore my way of handling and dealing with issues may be different from yours but that shouldn’t make us enemies;
We should just learn to tolerate ourselves and accept each other for who we are and not what we pretend to be.